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Suitable for students around Key Stage 2

Let’s Look at Light

Light is probably our most important means of interacting with the world around us. Understanding of both Light and Sight can provide a unique insight to our understanding of the world around us.   In this show we ‘ take a look at light’. With demonstrations we show that light travels in straight lines, but … Continue reading Let’s Look at Light

The Nature of Air

What is the air around us made from and how can we understand the way it behaves? By looking at the Air around us we can see how science asks questions about everyday things and develops simple models for what the world is made out of. This is a demonstration based show that traces the scientific study of our … Continue reading The Nature of Air

The Nature of Numbers

Science is full of numbers – some very big, some very small. By playing games with numbers we can discover that they help us to make sense of many surprising results in the scientific investigation of our world. This is a mathematics show that is built around science – demonstrations that show how numbers help … Continue reading The Nature of Numbers