Lab 13

Imagine a lab managed by young people for young people where they can experiment, play, invent, design, solve problems, explore, work alongside a scientist/designer/engineer in residence… and so much more. Sounds like a dream? Well, it has become a reality for six inspirational schools, both primary and secondary, across the East Midlands now have Lab_13’s, all with inventor/scientists-in-residence. Lab13

Dr Bryson Gore is Inventor in Residence at Dovcote Primary School in Nottingham.

Lab_13 officially opened in April 2009 and is a STEM space for children of ALL ages and abilities (Every Child Matters).  There are no rules about what the children should do as long as it is STEM related. The children are in control of their own learning experience, giving them more independence and confidence in their own abilities.

Lab_13 allows the pupils to have the freedom and opportunity to explore STEM subjects and to stimulate and satisfy their natural curiosity and creativity. It is a place were the pupils can drop in during school time and are freely allowed to create, invent, design, experiment, research, explore and acquire skills. Lab_13 is a learning space where the children are not governed by the school curriculum; it is a completely separate enterprise within the school. Bryson

Find out more about Lab 13 at Ignition*


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