How Hot is a Cold?

Heat is one of the properties of the world around us that we can measure with our own bodies. But why are heat and temperature so important? Because at different temperatures the world changes the way in which it behaves and the movement of heat can bring about change.

Using a series of demonstrations we will develop the ideas that; different amounts of heat are inside all the objects in the world, that it can move by the three basic processes of Conduction, Convection and Radiation and that ‘heat makes things happen’. Demonstrations form the heart of this lecture and with them I hope that vivid images of the scientific points being made will remain with any audience.

Starting with an everyday understanding of what we mean by heat and temperature the lecture develops the fundamental principals of heat. We end with some demonstrations that are intended to show that whilst we can understand the principals, there remain many beautifully simple demonstrations involving heat that can still surprise us.