Chemistry is… Elementary!

What is Chemistry today, how did it start and where is it going?

The elements that make up the Universe have always been a central area of human inquiry and as their identities were discovered, the Periodic Table became one of the cornerstones of Chemistry. It’s development mirrors the evolution of Achemy into the science of modern Chemistry. But in that process Chemistry has changed from the study of what the elements of matter are, into the study of what may be done with those elements.

This show traces the development of the periodic table from ancient Greece to the present day using demonstrations to show how the concept of periodic properties has withstood the passage of time. Additionally, by looking at extracts from the life and work of the 19th century’s most famous chemist we will demonstrate how the need for both qualitative and quantitative analysis led to the development of simple modern analytical techniques.

While we take examples from all over the periodic table, the aim is to develop the feeling that chemical properties are both understandable and predictable and that chemistry has evolved to answer problems that are of practical importance today.

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